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A Most Dangerous Man


A MOST DANGEROUS MAN is a dramatic and compelling portrait of the great labor leader, Walter Reuther, and the ever-relevant fight for the American worker. This highly theatrical music-theatre piece is set within the visual world of the Diego Rivera “Detroit Industry” frescoes. Rivera himself serves as conscience and guide for both audience and protagonist as he drives the narrative through labor struggles, protests, and strikes, beatings by corporate goons, mob assassination attempts, political and law enforcement obstruction and the determination and courage that ultimately led to the success that changed the very fabric of American life. Reuther's climb brought him not only to the heights of fame and the centers of power but to the inevitable compromises that allowed him to hold on to his "seat at the table", culminating in a moving recommitment to his ideals shortly before his tragic death. A MOST DANGEROUS MAN is a remarkable journey through Twentieth Century America, from the depths of the Depression through the tumult of the 60’s, told with great theatricality in both music and storytelling.

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